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Graduate Students


Emily Beyer, First-Year Graduate Student

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Emily is a first year graduate student in the biological division of the chemistry department from the Jersey Shore. In the spring, Emily earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ, where, in addition to excelling in her academics and research, she competed on the Division 1 Cross country and Track and Field teams. Her scientific interests are vast but mainly lie in both organic and biochemistry, especially as they relate to cancer and other diseases. She is usually found in the lab or at the Newman center and can even be spotted running around campus. If you ask Emily what she misses most about NJ (besides her family of course), she would say the beach and porkroll, although she’ll probably tell you this before you ask.

Erin Day, First-Year Graduate Student

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Erin is a first-year chemistry graduate student in the polymer division originally from NC. At the historic College of Charleston she developed surfactants for increased incorporation of soybean oil into polyurethane foams. In between organizing philanthropy and outreach events and going to the beach, Erin earned a BS in chemistry with a math minor. After graduating from Charleston and its Honors College in May, she returned to the Triangle to pursue her PhD from UNC. While not synthesizing peptoids or caring for the LC-MS, she can be found painting, playing piano, or singing in choir.




Delaney Davis, Sophomore

Delaney is a Chemistry and Anthropology double-major and German minor from High Point, NC. She's interested in organometallic chemistry, inorganic materials. and biochem but honestly is interested in all the science. When not in the lab she's either doing something with the Carolina Center for Public Service, attempting (read: failing) to build things in the Makerspace, or walking in the Arboretum.


Jackie Warren, Junior

Jackie is a Chemistry and Biology double-major from Statesville, NC. She is interested in biochemistry, organic chemistry, and material science. When she’s not in lab you might find her coaching a youth development soccer team or volunteering in various community organizations.

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Caleb Cox, Junior

Caleb is a Chemistry and Math double major from Rutherfordton, NC. He is interested in biochemistry, materials science, and applications of math in chemistry. When he’s not in lab or class you might find him studying in the Kenan science library or volunteer coaching at a local high-school wrestling team.